We know you’re busy. You haven’t made dinner, your child has soccer practice, your boss scheduled another meeting, you have plans to meet your friends for dinner. With all your priorities, it’s hard to imagine yourself at the gym. And when you do go to the gym it’s packed.. So how can you workout and still meet your priorities? Obviously, let one of our certified personal trainers in Dallas create a customized training program that easily fits into your busy schedule. Above all you can start your fitness in Dallas now by signing-up for a free fitness evaluation today.


“If you are serious about your health and physical wellness, then you should consider Body Renovation.” – Sean


One-on-one Training

This is what you will get purchasing a package of one-on-one personal training. After we have completed your 2 free sessions and a fitness program has been created.

  • Go over your fitness program that was put together by staff
  • 50 minutes of training with one of our trainers and the last 10 minutes fo stretching by the staff member.
  • Measurements every 4 weeks to make sure progress is being made.
  • 5 mintue warmup on cardio equipment before your session starts.
  • Inspirational email once a week to keep the motivation going.
  • Healthy News Letter once a month keep you engage and motivated in your fitness goals.
  • Communication is always open for questions about nutrition, workouts, or even to change the workout schedule.

A productive workout requires teamwork – someone to get you in the gym when you’d rather take the day off.

With the Dual Training packages, a two-person program, you get the accountability you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Also at a discounted rate, you and your friend receive personalized, trainer-led workouts without spending twice the money.

Have a friend in mind? Have you and your friend sign-up for a free fitness evaluation today to discover which Dual Training package is the best choice.


Like a book club or a family game night, our Group Training program brings a sense of community and belonging into the gym.

“Love the group training! Great way to get a personalized workout without paying for one-on-one rates.” – Peyton

Significantly, whether you want to workout with friends or meet new people, the Group Training program attacts a diverse mix of people striving towards a similar goal: a focused group workout.

Want to join our community? Sign-up for your free fitness evaluation today.

In Home personal training

When you sign up for our first fitness packages you will have one right by your side for 50 to 60 minutes one to 3 days a week. We bring the gym to your home so you don’t have to worry about a thing. All you have to do is answer the door and get to work. We certainly make sure we asses your fitness level before starting your exercises program.

Online personal TRAINING

An online personal trainer can help you reach your health and fitness goals with all the convenience of training in your own home, gym, or other personal space. We specialize in body and lifestyle transformations and use physical training, nutritional changes, and improvements in thinking to help you reach your goals. Additionally, we teach you how to eat right and exercise correctly, and help you understand the various aspects of fitness, from nutrition to mobility.

Furthermore, our staff believe in training the mind and the body and can deliver all of this to you through online workout and nutrition programs. We are not budget trainers and we charge what we do for the personal attention you get. While some competitors charge less than $100 per month, you are paying for mostly or fully automated training and nutrition programs, which is not personal training. No part of our process is automated. We personally handle every step of the process.

In the park TRAINING

Short On Time Body Renovation Fitness Center offers 30 Minute Personal Training Sessions to anyone who doesn’t feel that 60 minute sessions are not for them. Firstly, we will tailor an exercise program to meet your personal needs. Lastly, during each 30-minute training session, you will be instructed, motivated, and encouraged to push past your comfort zone while focusing on proper form to keep you safe. Overall, your private sessions will be designed to meet your personal goals.



body renovation dallas fitness

At Body Renovation, we offer a flexible program that saves you time:

  • One-on-one training for a guaranteed productive workout
  • Flexible hours so you can workout at your convenience
  • Personalized workouts tailored to your goals and lifestyle
  • Multiple options to train at your convenience: in the studio, in your home, in the park or online via Zoom

Significantly, with a personal trainer from Body Renovation, we maximize your personal fitness results with each of these services:

  • Measurements every month, so you can track your personal progress
  • Customized meal plans and weekly food journal analysis
  • Access to cardio equipment outside of your training sessions
  • Out-of-town workouts to keep you on track

Also, other perks of training with Body Renovation include:

  • 2 free fitness consultations (one to assess your goals and one 30-minute training session) before you purchase a training package
  • Inspirational e-mail once a week
  • Healthy News Newsletter once a month
  • 2 nutritionists and a chef on staff
  • 3 trainers to work with

At Body Renovation, your priorities are our priorities – no matter your schedule.


body renovation dallas fitness

Whether you choose to train individually, with a friend or in a group, we offer four packages for you to purchase to jump start your fitness in Dallas:

Sample Package (4 sessions)

Starter Package (6 sessions)

Looking for a productive workout but pressed for time? Then look no further than the Dual Training Starter Package. In only 45 minutes, you and a friend will receive focused personal training without compromising on time. Now that’s productivity. A productive life calls for a productive workout. And when you enroll in the Dual Training Starter Package you can have both.

Advanced Package (8 sessions)

Want to workout on a budget? Then grab a friend and enroll in our Dual Training Advance Package. The Dual Packages’ best value – you and a friend can workout with confidence knowing you’re getting the best personal training for your money. Additionally, most important, when you and a friend enroll in the Dual Training Advanced Package, you’ll discover a tight budget never compromises a strong workout.

Pro Package (12 sessions)

It’s settled – you are committed to your priorities. You pack lunches in the morning, pick up kids from school in the afternoon and make time for your family at night. As a master of your routine, your’re ready to turn pro. The Dual Training Pro Package guarantees the most elite personal training Body Renovation has to offer.

“My core is much stronger, my muscles are tighter, and my endurance is much better.” – David

Whatever way you choose to train, you’ll prove to yourself and your friends that professionalism isn’t reserved for the 9-5’ers. Get in touch with a personal trainer in Dallas today.

Body Renovation Fitness Center offers the best Personal Training in Dallas, TX. We also hold Fitness Programs, Boot Camps, Weight Loss Services, and more. Our focus is on you. Bear and his team will design an individual program to help you achieve your fitness goals whether they are weight loss, healthy lifestyle, overcoming injuries, or improving strength and flexibility. Significantly, we change things up, developing customized meal plans to help you stay on track when you travel. Additionally, we provide monthly measurements, fitness tracking tools, personal encouragement, fitness and nutrition blogs to help you get and stay fit.


If you are ready to make a change in your health, fitness, or lifestyle, Body Renovation is ready to help you achieve your goals. Furthermore, we will design a personalized program designed to challenge and motivate you. We realize that each client is different, so each program and workout is unique. You will never feel bored with your Body Renovation fitness routine! Don’t forget to checkout our fitness and nutrition blogs to stay up to date on all the latest news in fitness/health. 


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