One on One Nutrition Coaching

Emily has had a long journey with nutrition with many trials and errors. The task of learning to “eat again” after learning of the vast amount of food allergies that left her ill.

In 2015 she ended a lengthy stay in the hospital. Struggles with weight loss, fatigue, stomach issues, and other symptoms were all found to be food and hormone-related. She has dedicated her career to nutrition and culinary and how they can be harmonious and enjoyable. Her goal is to help others discover their own journey and know that no two are the same. Therefore how can we all eat the same diet?

Emily has found client success by combining life coaching with nutrition coaching to help others dig deep into their eating struggles. Sometimes, food is not the culprit in bad decision-making; it can be much deeper. She helps her clients find success by taking an honest look at not only their “diet” but themselves as a whole.

Shearer Nutrition

Private one-on-one nutrition coaching. Individual programs are designed to fit your lifestyle and teach you to love and fuel your body.

I used to dream of having a perfect body. I worked for it, planned for it, failed hundreds of times, and gained the weight back. At one point, I achieved it for five minutes; when I stepped on stage in 2012 for my second NPC bikini competition. I spent 25 years of my life believing life would begin when I had the right body. Guess what? Not so, not so, at all. I came up with a hard truth that day I stepped on stage. I was starving and miserable, but after the compliments stopped and the fake tan faded, my life wasn’t much different. That was seven years ago, and since then, I’ve become just as lean, more muscular, way more fit and athletic, but best of all, less obsessed with my body. I rarely think about food except when I’m hungry. There are many facets to how I got to this happy place, and I want to teach you everything I’ve learned so that you can get here too!

Learning how to properly fuel your body will be key, along with mindset tools and self-care. This is a process, and I will guide you through it so you can get to your happy place and stay there! Experience: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Performance Enhancement Specialist since 2012. Crossfit L1 Trainer, Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant, and have taught Spin and Group exercise.

I have trained thousands of hours since 2012 at my full-time job at Big Box Gym, then at a Corporate Fitness Center, and the past few years at a high-end Private Studio in Dallas. I have worked with hundreds of these clients, supporting their nutrition plans and goals.

I have been an NPC Bikini competitor, Spin instructor, and weight lifting enthusiast who spent 1.5 years learning Olympic Weightlifting, and have been doing Crossfit since 2016. I am also the mother of a 2-year-old girl and worked out throughout my pregnancy. I allowed myself to listen to my body while pregnant and gained 55 pounds over where I currently sit, but with proper nutrition and exercise, I lost it all in four months at the age of 36. I do not have special genetics or a “fast” metabolism. I’ve learned what works for me, and I want to guide you to learn what works for you! My goal is to teach you how to eat enough to fuel your body and your goals, exercise because you love it and it makes you feel amazing, and practice self-care.

Your best life is possible, and the struggle can come to an end. Join me!