A productive workout requires teamwork—someone to get you in the gym when you’d rather take the day off.

With the Dual Training packages, a two-person program, you get the accountability you need to achieve your fitness goals.

And at a discounted rate, you and your friend receive personalized, trainer-led workouts without spending twice the money.

Have a friend in mind? Have you and your friend sign-up for a free fitness evaluation today to discover which Dual Training package is the best choice.

Starter Package

Looking for a productive workout but pressed for time? Then look no further than the Dual Training Starter Package.

In only 45 minutes, you and a friend will receive focused personal training without compromising on time. Now that’s productivity.

A productive life calls for a productive workout. And when you enroll in the Dual Training Starter Package you can have both.

Advanced Package

Want to workout on a budget? Then grab a friend and enroll in our Dual Training Advanced Package.

The Dual Packages’ best value—you and a friend can workout with confidence knowing you’re getting the best personal training for your money.

And most important, when you and a friend enroll in the Dual Training Advanced Package, you’ll discover a tight budget never compromises a strong workout. 

Pro Package 

It’s settled—you are committed to your priorities. You pack lunches in the morning, pick up the kids from school in the afternoon and make time for your family at night.

As a master of your routine, you’re ready to turn pro.

The Dual Training Pro Package guarantees the most elite personal training Body Renovation has to offer.

“My core is much stronger, my muscles are tighter, and my endurance is much better.” – David

Over the course of your 18, 60-minute sessions, you’ll prove to yourself and your friends that professionalism isn’t reserved for the 9-5’ers.